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We are a pudelpointer breeder located in Virginia.  We bought our first Pudelpointer puppy, Callie, in 2010.  Thanks to that fuzzy, energetic, and always happy pup we have embraced the breed and thoroughly enjoy sharing the joys of the Pudelpointer with other families.  We have been breeding Pudelpointers since 2013 and are currently located in Virginia.  In our 7 years of breeding experience we have developed our line to preserve the characteristics and quality of this breed that we love so much.  Our foremost goal is to provide outstanding dogs in the field and at home for hunters and their families.  When breeding, we work to pair dogs that will produce healthy, amenable, and cooperative pups that will have phenomenal performance in the field while also being calm and gentle in the house.  More about our breeding philosophy can be found on our Puppy page

We are proud members of the North American Pudelpointer Society and not only meet, but exceed the strict standards set forth in their breeding requirements.  Alycia currently serves as the Treasurer of NAPS and Mike is an active member.  We truly believe this organization is the future of the Pudelpointer and encourage all Pudelpointer enthusiasts to join and get involved.

Additionally Lone Pine Kennel has been awarded "Excellent" breeder status with Good Dog, an organization dedicated to the ethical and healthy breeding of dogs.  


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