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Cadi is from our "C" Litter and the dog that was almost 2 years in the making.  After losing Callie, gaining Zayda, a failed artificial insemination attempt and a 3 day, 1,500 round-trip journey to Quebec, Canada, Cadi finally arrived on April 28, 2018.  From the very beginning she was the spit-fire of the litter.  The first to enter the water, the first to charge in, pick up the pigeon and trot off proudly with it, the first at many things.  We knew we would be getting a bold dog when we kept her.  She is always on the move and ready to go. 


Cadi has an incredible nose and has proven herself to be a hard hunting dog with a lot of endurance.  She has one of the best tracking abilities we've seen in a pudelpointer and has passed that on to her pups.  She has proven herself to be a relentless chukar hunting dog as well as quiet and patient in the duck blind.  She continues to improve with each hunting experience and we look forward to running her in her NAVHDA Utility test.


When she was not even 4 months old, a rabbit streaked across the front yard while she was around the back of the house.  After a couple of minutes she came around to the front and as we watched, she hit the rabbit's scent trail and immediately stopped, put her nose to the ground and, very methodically, worked through that track all the way to the exact point the rabbit had dove into the brush.  She had no formal track training, we did not leave the porch to help her, but just watched her work it out on here own.  We were speechless. 


She has also been known to dispatch skunks at a moments notice, much to our dismay.    


Cadi is consistent, driven and incredibly fun to work with.  Her pups are hard hunting, high drive dogs and we anticipate that she will bring great things to our line.  

Two pups from her first litter with Stone Pine's Bodo tested in NA with one receiving a 112 Prize one and one receiving a prize 3.

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