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The "A" Litter

High Life's Jubilee x Fin Renard Iron Man

January 16, 2014

The litter that started it all!  Callie's first litter.  Our first litter.  Our first breeders award!  Four of 10 pups tested in Natural ability and all earned a prize with first time pudelpointer owners and first time handlers!  This is the litter that taught us so much and left us wanting to do it all again.  So much has changed since this litter but these 10 pups will always hold a special place in our hearts as they were the first to come along with us on this journey.  


We weren't going to keep a pup from the first litter but Alycia fell in love with the smallest, feistiest little girl in the litter and refused to sell her.  Ava has become our rock.  She is the go-to hunting dog and is as versatile as they come.  Ducks in the morning and quail in the afternoon; she knows what to do no matter what.



Lone Pine's AWOL Ava

Natural Ability:  110 Prize 1

Utility: 173 Prize 3


Lone Pine's Azores

Natural Ability: 102 Prize 2

Henry and bird.jpg

Lone Pines Ashley Emmy Engles

Natural Ability: 102 Prize 3

Lone Pine Aura

Natural Ability: 96 Prize 3

"Our male puppy Bear (Lone Pine Aura) has grown into an excellent all around dog.  He has a very happy demeanor, and he is very good around children, adults, and other dogs.  He has been a pleasure to hunt with starting with his first dove shoot at 8 months, his first week of pheasant hunting at 9 months, and his first quail season starting at 10 months.  He has worked well with my two GSP’s, and he has steadily increased his contributions to the hunt by pointing, honoring points, and retrieving wet or dry."



Lone Pine Alpha

Natural Ability score: 86 Prize 3

Lone Pine Alfred Braker


"Ryder has been such a special part of our family- both in our home and in the field.  He has spent most of this past hunting season on the dove field with me, and has become quite a retriever.  He is always eager to please, and draws comments from avid hunters on how great he is in the field." 

Lone Pine Ash

Ash "lives to hunt and please" loves to go fishing, and often gets invited on hunting trips before his owner.

Ash 4.jpg

Lone Pine's Axel Rust

Rusty has his own instagram following: #rustythebirddog.  


"Rusty has been doing great! We both have just been doing a bunch of hunting, training, and having fun in general.  He is curious, funny, and has just finally started to mature into a very excitable but well behaved dog. I really mean that when I say well behaved. "



Lone Pine Allie

"We love her so so much!"

Lone Pine Annabella

Bella 1.jpg
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