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The "I" Litter

All pups from this litter have been spoken for.  Please check our main puppy page for upcoming breeding plans.

Juniper Creek's Evony Pine x VC Ripsnorter's Slate

Whelped on March 24, 2023!

This will be Evony's final litter and your last opportunity to get in on some excellent genetics!  If it tells you anything about how awesome these dogs are, we're planning to keep a male for our first stud dog.

Please complete our puppy application here if you are interested in a pup from one of our 2023 litters.


Slate 3-2.jpg

This will be Evony's final litter so we wanted to make it something special.  We feel that Slate will fit that bill.  Slate is a 2 time UT Prize 1 stud who became a Versatile Champion at the invitational in 2023.  He comes from a high performing litter with Sire, Audax Agnar Vom Oberland (UT Prize 1) and Dam, Ripsnorter's Hallelujah, aka "Glory" (NA 112 Prize 1), one of Ripsnorter Kennel's top producing dams with.  The litter that Slate was whelped from currently has an average NA progeny score of 109.4, an average UT progeny score of 192.7 and two of his littermates are currently qualified for the 2024 invitational.


Audax's progeny scores for NA average 105.6.  The avarage for UT is 186.3.  Glory's progeny scores for NA average 107.5.  The average for UT is 197.3.  Clearly, Slate comes from top producing parents.  

If you look at Evony and Slate's pedigrees you will find a multitude of UT Prize 1 dogs as well as some Versatile Champions.  

Evony's progeny scores for NA have averaged 105.1.  She has strong water drive and is a big runner in the field.  We feel that this pairing will produce pups with a lot of drive in both water and field as well as great cooperation in training.  If you're looking for a pup with a proven performance background, you might want to consider this litter.  We are certainly looking to keep a pup out of this litter to add to our breeding program.  



Slate Pedigree.jpg
Progeny with Glory.jpg
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