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The "C" Litter

Cedarwoods Zayda Volante x Cedarwoods Feisty Hector

April 28, 2018


The C Litter was to be Callie's final litter.  We had planned to breed her to Cedarwoods Feisty Hector based on a breeding which had been done, by our friend Jeff George, that produced some really nice pups with great NAVHDA NA performance scores.  That breeding had been with Cedarwoods Zayda Volante and Hector.  Alycia adored the personality and drive of Ripsnorter's Jackpot, one of the pups from that litter and Jeff's new stud dog.  Since Zayda was a half sister to Callie (both were sired by Cedarwoods Sharp Shooter) we thought that would be good pairing with Callie as well.  

Unfortunately, we lost Callie in 2016 before this breeding could take place.  Heartbroken and not sure what to do, we called Jeff for advice.   We still wanted another pup and we still wanted a Feisty Hector pup but it would be at least another 2 years before we could breed Evony.  Ever the wonderful friend, Jeff offered Zayda as a gift so that we could use her for the breeding.  We agreed to split the litter between Ripsnorter and Lone Pine and we would keep Zayda and retire her when she was ready.  

Our first attempt in 2017 was via artificial insemination, which didn't take.  So in 2018, when she came back into season, we took a 3 day road trip up to Quebec, Canada to have a live cover breeding.  Luckily it was successful and we got our Hector pup, Cadi.  We decided to retire Zayda after this litter and she now lives quite the comfortable and spoiled life.  



Ripsnorter's Upland Fantasy

Natural Ability: 112 Prize 1

Ruby 1.jpg

Lone Pine's Commanding Presence

Natural Ability: 110 Prize 1


Ruby went to our friend and fellow breeder Jon Coolican of North Iowa Pudelpointers.  She has been the star of the show, hunting pheasants almost daily during the season in Iowa.  Ruby had her first litter of pups in May of 2020 with Marshlands' Pirate Phil as a stud.  We are very excited to see how these pups grow up.

Lone Pine's Chica

Natural Ability: 96 Prize 3


Lone Pine's Carolina Whiskey


"Whiskey is awesome!  He does everything I ask of him the first time.  Super high drive in the field.  Super chill in the house.  He stays close, sits calmly in the truck, won't even stick his nose in a trash can, and he can sniff out a trail like I've never seen.  He makes me look like I know what I'm doing."

Ripsnorter's Up N Adam

Ripsnorter's Undaunted

Max (Richard).JPG

"Max is a wonderful dog and spoiled like all my dogs have been.Incredibly athletic, very smart, and follows me around like my shadow. Birds are always on his mind when he's outdoors and he points and retrieves well."

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