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Zayda came to us at the age of 6 through the unbelievably generous gift of a dear friend.  Zayda is Callie’s half sister by the same sire.  When Callie was still with us we had been planning a litter with Cedarwoods Feisty Hector based on a breeding that had been done with Zayda a couple of years earlier.  I had seen several of the pups from the Zayda x Hector litter and was very impressed, so we decided that Hector would be a good pairing for Callie and we were going to keep a pup to round out our pack.  Unfortunately we never got to have that breeding.  I was lamenting about the lost opportunity and decided to call Zayda’s owner and ask if he would be willing to do a re-breed if I took on most of the responsibility.  He graciously agreed on the condition that we take Zayda as well.  He was getting ready to retire her after a couple more litters and he wanted her to have a nice cushy retirement.  She has been a wonderful addition to our family.  We discovered this year that she is a pheasant hunting machine.  She has a fantastic nose that she has passed on to her pups.  Zayda is bold and boisterous with a great love of the couch when she is not in the field.  She has many of the same personality traits that Callie had which makes us smile often.

Zayda's Pedigree w HIP.jpg
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