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North American Pudelpointer Society - We are  members, and Alycia is the Secretary & Treasurer, of NAPS.  Formed in early 2019, NAPS is striving to be the largest and most inclusive Pudelpointer Club in North America.  NAPS is a club for all Pudelpointer owners whose goal is to protect and improve this wonderful breed.  We fully support their vision and what they are trying to achieve, and we encourage all Pudelpointer lovers to join.

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association - We are also members of  and have Callie registered with NAVHDA.  This organization's testing system is the testing standard for Pudelpointers in America.

Green Valley Hunting and Retriever Club - This is the gun dog club we joined when Callie was a pup.  I would recommend this club to anyone in the Eugene, Oregon area.  The support and educational value of the club helped us greatly in our preparation for Callie's Natural Ability test as well as introducing us to an incredible group of people who share our love of the gun dog. 

Ripsnorter Kennel - Ripsnorter Kennel has been an excellent breeding partner over the years.  Their stud "Fin" has sired 3 of our 5 litters.

Project Upland Article - Craig Koshyk wrote a fantastic article on the history of the Pudelpointer breed.  If you are looking to learn more about the evolution of the breed we suggest reading this.

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