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The "F" Litter

Juniper Creeks Evony Pine x Stonesthrow's Icarus

Born January 21, 2021


It's great to be back home on the West Coast!  One of the things we love about being a Coast Guard family and breeding pudelpointers is that we get a new selection of studs with each move.  While you can find several different kennel lines of pudelpointers throughout North America they still tend to be fairly regional.  Since we move every few years we've gotten the privilege to see many of these different kennel lines of dogs.  Since we've been back in Oregon we've seen a lot of Stonesthrow pups and we have really liked them all.  They have great cooperative personalities, lots of drive and are well put together.  Additionally, Larry Stone is one of the first breeders we talked to when we started looking for our first pudelpointer and we have maintained that friendship since. 


Now that we are back in Chukar country again, we decided we wanted to put together some big running, high drive pups that will be well suited to all of the various bird hunting available in the area.  All of this has led us to "Doc".  Doc has excellent hip scores, a wonderful, laid back temperament and is a big running upland dog as well as an outstanding duck dog.  With a large number of Utility prized dogs in his pedigree, we expect to see some high performing, hard hunting pups out of this pairing.



We had such great results with the first Evony x Fin litter, that we decided to do it again.  Yet again we were rewarded with nice coats, great temperaments and a few more NA prizes.  



Lone Pine's Fiery Ruby

Natural Ability: 110 Prize 1

Lone Pine's Fidelina Hazel

Natural Ability: 104 Prize 3


Lone Pine Foxy

duck 2021-2.jpg

Lone Pine's Flourishing Grace

Natural Ability: 96 Prize 2

Lone Pine's Fiery Star

Lone Pine's Fenway

Lone Pine's Fabulous Duchess

Lone Pine's Fabled Ozzy

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