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We selected Evony for her early signs of drive and temperament.  Evony has whelped 3 litters and her pups have consistently tested well with an average overall NA score of 105.1.  Of 9 pups tested, 5 have earned a prize 1, two pups received a prize 2, and two pups have received a prize 3.


We are planning 1 more litter with her in 2023.  She has a great coat is homozygous for furnishings, which means that she should pass on furnishings to all of her pups. 


Nicknamed "The Brick", she is a deceptively compact dog with a solid 55 pounds of muscle.  She is a big runner and hunts with a lot of enthusiasm.  At one year old she was breaking ice to retrieve ducks and has proven herself on wild pheasants.  In training she responds best to a gentle hand and steady repetition.  As she has matured, Evony has grown very affectionate, but is also content with curling up in a dog bed, as opposed to your lap.  She is a fun dog to hunt over and we look forward to many more seasons with her.

Evony's average progeny scores:

Use of Nose - 4

Search - 3.8

Water - 3.8

Pointing - 4

Tracking - 3

Drive - 3.7

Cooperation - 3.7

Evony's Pedigree.jpg
Evony Progeny.jpg
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