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The "H" Litter

All pups from this litter have been spoken for.  Please check our main puppy page for upcoming breeding plans.


Ripsnorter's Double Dog Dare x Marshland's Pirate Phil

Puppies on the ground, whelped January 9th, 2023!

Please complete our puppy application here​ if you are interested in a pup from one of our 2022/2023 litters.  You can also still email or call us if you would rather communicate that way.



We've been looking at Marshland's Pirate Phil as a possible stud for some time and Stella provided us with an opportunity to use him this fall.  We had been planning a pheasant trip to North Central Iowa in November and her timing couldn't have been more perfect, so we called Tony Bezenar and set up a date.


Phil is leggy boy with a fantastic personality.  He hunts hard and has a ton of drive.  Hi has a fantastic coat with a lot of coverage, which we think will pair great with Stella's thick coat.  Both Stella and Phil are FF for furnishings so we expect all pups to have great coats as well.

In his relatively short, 2-year reproductive history, Phil has already produced 4 NA Breeder's Award litters.  His average progeny NA score is 104.3.  All of his pups that have tested have received a 4 in Use of Nose and they are all very strong in other areas of the NA test, with a 3.3 being the lowest average score in tracking.  His pups love the water and have excellent temperaments. 


Stella is such a smart, easy going, cooperative pup that we are excited to pair with Phil.  We expect this litter to inherit a great temperament, outstanding drive, love of water, and easy cooperation.  

Phil's average progeny scores:

Use of Nose - 4

Search - 3.6

Water - 3.7

Pointing - 3.9

Tracking - 3.3

Drive - 3.7

Cooperation - 3.5


Marshland's Pirate Phil Pedigree.jpg
Stella by Phil 4G.jpg
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