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The "J" Litter

Lone Pine's Commanding Presence x Fin Renard Carbon Felix

Expected around December 30th, 2022!

Please complete our puppy application here if you are interested in a pup from one of our 2022/2023 litters.  You can also still call or email us if you prefer to communicate that way.



This will be Cadi's 2nd litter and we are breeding her to Fin.  We have used Fin with two of our other girls over 3 litters and yes, this will be the 4th time we are using him.  There are a few reasons for this unexpected (even to us) decision.  A) We think Fin has, and produces, the best temperament. His pups have the easy going personality you want in a Pudelpointer and they are very cooperative in training.  B) He is a rock-star performer and passes that on to his offspring.  Fin has produced 6 NA Breeder's Award litters.  His average progeny NA score is 105.4 and his average progeny UT score is 172.6.  C) This was the deciding factor for me.  If you look at the progeny report of Fin and Cadi's mom Zayda you will see, very clearly, the reason for our decision on this breeding.  Fin was bred to Zayda 3 times and out of 14 pups tested, 9 of them received a prize 1 in NA and  3 received a prize 2.  12 of the pups tested earned more than 100 points in their NA test.  There were no bite issues, no temperament issues and no eye issues.  That really caused us to make this decision. 


Fin is 12 years old and may not be producing much longer.  We have decided on this pairing to take advantage of what this wonderful stud offers in his progeny and we hope to build on this line in the future. 


Cadi's first litter with Bodo also had no bite or eye issues to our knowledge so we are confident that this pairing will be equally nice in that respect. 

Fin's average NA progeny scores:

Use of Nose - 3.98

Search - 3.8

Water - 3.7

Pointing - 3.9

Tracking - 3.2

Drive - 3.7

Cooperation - 3.7

Fin Renard Carbon Felix Pedigree.jpg
Zayda Fin Progeny.jpg
Cadi by Fin.jpg
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